Other Services

"The self is not something one finds,
  it is something one creates."
                                                              Dr Thomas Szasz

In this time, there are several factors that make our life harder. Stress, interpersonal or even financial difficulties, mood disturbances and health problems are only a few of the conditions that have an effect on our well being. Letting these things unresolved can make life feel dull and unfulfilled. It is actually in our own hands to take the necessary steps to change our lives for the better.

Vasilia and her cooperators have many years experience in the education and healthcare professions, providing a range of sessions for adults, couples and children or adolescents according to the session.

Education & special education, several types of healing sessions, Hypnotherapy and creative stimulation are the services that Vasilia and her team offer. They work with you in order to help you restore balance and overcome obstacles that may block your path to happiness.

*We have locations in Nicosia and Limassol, but we can arrange to come at your place if requested.